Writing Bits and Bobs

Style and Theme

A published poet, I write literary fiction, poetry, articles, creative non-fiction essays and reviews. I’m very inspired by fairy tales and my work often explores the theme of creativity as a transformative force.

My work is inspired by mental health and well being concepts and serves as a celebration of the daily domestic world. It also considers the wider global contexts of climate change and environmental degradation. Stylistically, I write with a lyrical approach where I see writing in the context of wider artistic and creative practice.


Copywriter for Angela Stone Consulting.

New Zealand Poetry Society reviewer and poetry contributor.

Current Projects:

Editing my debut novel. A family saga, it explores the power of literature and words to change lives.

NANOWRIMO 2020 – in process drafting of a coming of age novel about music and friendship. It is also a love letter to my home city of Wellington, New Zealand.

Writing Community Education Classes: Beginner’s Knitting and Zero Waste Living.